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A Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

A Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Christmas this year has been a little different for me. I decided to go on a spending freeze after coming back from London, which basically means that I’m not buying anything I don’t need. This includes specialty items at the grocery store, coffee shop drinks, and most of all: clothes.

I’m a shopaholic, not going to lie.

When I quit my stable, full time job a few months ago, I cut back on a lot of spending. I stopped going to the mall for stress relief, I stopped eating out for lunches and snacks, and I canceled a few subscriptions. But I would still buy plenty of things I didn’t need and then get mad at myself for spending money that I didn’t really have. Amazon Prime is the devil sometimes!

Back to my spending freeze: It’s been great! I haven’t bought any clothes since early November (which is an accomplishment). I even went through my closet and found an old dress that fits me again for a Christmas party! I haven’t eaten out by myself, even when I really wanted Taco Bell the other day. Today was actually the first day in weeks that I’ve bought myself a coffee- and that was more a ‘need’ because I had an hour long drive and I was sleepy.

But Amanda, who goes on a spending freeze at Christmas?!

It’s actually somewhat stress relieving! I’m not stressing about what to by who and if it’s going to be the same amount of awesomeness. I’m also not trying to guess what people want and like. And best of all, I’m not stressing about paying for it all at once.

Christmas isn’t about who gives the best gifts or the most expensive gifts. As I talked about in my  “How to Stay Healthy, Wealthy, and Sane” post before Thanksgiving, the reason for the season isn’t to spend all your money. What I’m looking forward to this Christmas is meeting the rest of my new extended family and spending time surrounded by loved ones (and probably eating a ton of delicious food).

So, we shouldn’t be expecting any presents from you? 

I have a few presents that I’ve picked up in the last month for my siblings that are unique and special for them. They aren’t fancy, but I know they are meaningful. For the rest of you on my Christmas list, you will be get unique and meaningful gifts too- when I find them. I’m not out shopping for them, but I will know they are perfect for you when I come across them. I love gift giving and I never want it to be limited to just one day a year.

That said, I never want anyone to feel obligated to get me anything for Christmas either! Send me a card, leave me a voicemail, comment below, or send me something you find in February- I will love it just as much as I would on Christmas morning.

Now you know my story! But you really just came here for the Christmas Gift Guide…well here it is! Full of plenty of options for everyone on your list, all different budgets. and nothing limited to exclusively Christmas!

Sweet Basil & Thyme’s Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Disclaimer: each of the Amazon links are brought to you by the Amazon Affiliate program. Basically, if you purchase one of the kitchen gadgets on this list, I get a small cut of the proceeds. No pressure, but feel free to support Sweet Basil Thyme by purchasing through these links!

For the new Vegan: A Breville juicer. 

Because what’s an easier way to eat your fruits and veggies than to drink them?

For the person who loves soda: A water bottle ready to be infused with your favorite fruits. 

It’s the best way to replace soda with water!

For the hardest person to shop for: A Hydroflask water bottle

You know you have at least one person on your list that fits this bill.

For the grocery shopper of the family: Insulated reusable grocery bags

Saving the environment and your ice cream.

For the person who hates that they can never find Tupperware lids: Silicone stretch lids

No more angry banging of cupboard doors.

For the meal prepper: Oven safe glass containers

Can you say “less dishes”?

For the person who only drinks coffee cold: The Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

Also good for cocktails I hear. I know I said I wasn’t expecting any gifts this year…but I’ll take on of these!

For the new dieter: The Inspiralizer

It makes eating your veggies so much more fun!

For the person who loves making things from scratch: A food processor

Because we all get tired of chopping and mixing.

For the person who has disorganized cupboards: Silicone suction lids

Some of us can never find the right sized lid for the saucepan.

For the person who gets Starbucks every morning: A Ninja coffee maker

This product has saved me multiple times during this spending freeze.

For the outdoorsy person: A mini espresso maker that doesn’t need to be plugged in!

Because freezing your butt off at 6am on a mountain is dangerous. I’ve been there.

For the dinner party host: An awesome centerpiece that doubles as a pot

I wish I threw more dinner parties.

For the person will the minimalist kitchen: A clean bamboo utensil set

Did you know that if you stick a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water it won’t boil over? Eventually it will, but much slower than normal.

For the person vowing to go zero-waste in the New Year: Reusable ziploc style bags

I applaud you, zero-waste go-er.

For the millennial that will never be able to buy a house: An avocado saver

If you can spare a few dollars, pitch in a couple avocados too!

For the herb lover: Special scissors just for those fresh herbs 

Even if you cheated and bought them pre-packaged.

For the pasta lover: A clip-on strainer that does all the work but takes up none of the space

No more burning yourself with hot water!

For the tiny house dweller: Nesting bowls 

So your baking projects can be as large as you want, even if your house is tiny.

For the meat lover: A cutting board made just for you

Not only does it have a ‘meat grip’ in the middle, but it has a small slant to it and catches all those juices before they spill all over the counters.


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