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Hawaii Re-Cap + How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Hawaii Re-Cap + How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Hey all! I hope you enjoyed Emily’s post on Monday and my post from last week on Four Easy Lunch Bowls.

I’m now back on the mainland from my week away in Hawaii! How was it? Awesome!

Hawaii Recap


First off: I’m engaged! My amazing boyfriend of 2 years popped the question at Kula Botanical Gardens on our first full day there. I bawled like a little baby out of happiness and spent the rest of the vacation showing off my [extraordinarily] sparkly ring. He is now committed to a lifetime of taste testing my recipes and fixing the code for this blog!


Secondly: I’m 24! Woo, happy birthday to me.




Thirdly: Maui is a great place to visit. A little bit of city, a lot of beach and nature. I’m not a huge fan of “touristy places” but Maui was a great balance between tourist destination and relaxing paradise. Our itinerary included:Hawaii Recap

  • Lahaina Town (our hotel was two blocks off Front St)
  • Kula Country Farms
  • Kula Botanical Gardens
  • Old Lahaina Luau
  • Nakalele Blowhole
  • Olivine Pools
  • Black Rocks Beach
  • Haleakala Crater for the sunset
  • The Road to Hana
  • Snorkeling at Molokini
  • And a whole lot of food!


(if you’d like recommendations or more details on any of these places, just drop me a comment or email me at

So about the whole lot of food…(and drinks!)

I’ve mentioned before that I like to eat super healthy leading up to vacation to have a little more freedom on vacation to eat not-so-healthy. I did that the weeks prior to leaving for Maui and I’m so glad I did! It let me have more freedom to enjoy local food without feeling guilty or unhealthy. It also gave me more confidence when sun tanning the beach, but that’s just an extra bonus!

Even with the healthy eating before going on vacation, it’s important to not binge eat terrible food all week! Here are my tips & tricks for eating healthy(ish) on vacation to help you eat well, enjoy local foods, and keep energy levels high for all the non-eating activities!

Hawaii Recap


Grocery shop! This is a great way to save money and eat healthy while on an extended vacation (anything over a weekend trip). Our hotel had a kitchen in it, which was great! But even if you don’t, just buying snacks and easy foods like PB&J can help you save money and not eat the high sodium & fat foods at restaurants. Our grocery list included: fresh fruits, vegetables, bagels and jam, eggs, chips and salsa, iced tea, and coffee. Nothing fancy, but it allowed us to eat breakfast at home almost every morning, plus saved us from going out for coHawaii Recapffee or tea every day.


Eat local! Maui has a surplus of farmer’s markets and food stands. And those fruits were the best! Papayas and coconuts straight off the tree makes for delicious snacks.


Hawaii Recap


Don’t give in to peer pressure! I’m not going to lie; our group ate out a lot! With 6 people in the group, it’s hard to stay home while everyone else is out on the town. So don’t! But that doesn’t mean you should eat what everyone is eating. The group wants to go to a fish house? Cool! I got a salad. Everyone wants pizza? I’ll have a slice, but nothing more. Happy hour? I’ll get a virgin coconut water please!Hawaii Recap


But that doesn’t mean restrict yourself, because Acai Bowls are amazing. Are they full of sugar? Yes. But as someone who is avoiding dairy, Acai Bowls were a great treat instead of ice cream.



Finally, and most importantly, listen to your body! We are all different, as demonstrated in our group. We had four guys who love to eat 24/7 (it seemed like) and two girls who preferred smaller, healthier meals. The best way to be healthy on vacation is to listen to your body. After my day of a big burger for lunch and pizza for dinner, I wasn’t feeling so great. But I listened to my body and ate super healthy the next day with homemade foods and I was back to 100% fast!



Also, not food related, but make sure to make time for fitness. In Hawaii, that is easy! I did yoga most mornings, then spent the afternoon swimming or hiking or both! While I didn’t maintain my barely-there six pack that I had when I left, I also didn’t gain any weight or lose any stamina over the week.

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy on vacation?

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