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What Should I do with My Christmas Leftovers?

What Should I do with My Christmas Leftovers?

What to Do with Christmas Leftovers: 6 Recipes that have nothing to do with the holidays and can kick-start your New Year’s Goals.

Christmas dinner is great the first time, usually the second time around 11pm, and probably even the third time for lunch the next day! But after that, you are usually a little sick of turkey and stuffing and would appreciate a meal that isn’t covered in gravy. What better way to use up the leftovers than in healthy(ish) meals? And it can help jump start your New Year’s Resolution to eat better!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite recipes I’ve shared that are easy to sub turkey or other Christmas staples in.

To start us off, we have:

Matt’s Chicken Turkey Quesadillas

Simply sub leftover turkey for the chicken and you’ll be set! I also saw a recipe for a cranberry, turkey, and goat cheese quesadilla the other day that looked so amazing if you are looking for a little sweeter recipe.

chicken quesadillas

Easy Lunch Bowls

As detailed in the post, lunch bowls are the best way to use leftovers. You can make it any way you want with any ingredient being the ‘main ingredient’. Some great ideas:

  • Using leftover roasted veggies and adding brown rice.
  • Using leftover turkey and adding stir fry veggies and white rice.
  • Using leftover mashed potatoes and adding corn, bacon, and fried chicken (a la KFC bowls!)
  • Using leftover cranberry sauce and adding yogurt and granola (ok, this is a breakfast bowl- but you get the point!)

Falafel Bowl

South of the Border Chowder with Turkey

Just add some leftover turkey in, you won’t even be thinking about Christmas dinner! This one is also great if you have a few potatoes that never got used.

South of the Border Chowder

Best Focaccia Sandwiches

If you tried out my focaccia recipe in my Christmas Recipe eBook, use up that leftover focaccia with these sandwiches! If you just have leftover dinner rolls, grab some prosciutto and some pecorino cheese and still have a feast. Also a great way to use up some ham if you opted for that main dish!

Best Ever Focaccia Sandwiches

Easy Southwest Chicken Turkey Wraps

Once again, simply swap the turkey for the chicken and be on your merry way!

Southwest Wraps

Trader Joe’s Easy Chicken Turkey Tortilla Soup

This recipe is one of the most popular recipes on this blog, probably because we all love Trader Joe’s and easy recipes! Just throw this together with turkey instead of chicken and enjoy.

Tortilla Soup

Emily’s Chicken Turkey Salad Avocado

This simple 3 ingredient recipe is the best snack to use up whatever turkey you have left! Once again, just swap the turkey for the chicken.

What is your favorite way to use up leftovers from the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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