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Guest Post: Chicken Salad Avocado by Emily Patrick

HI! I’m Emily. Amanda asked me/ I offered to guest post for her this week since she’s is having fun in Hawaii. I’ve blogged on and off over the years (find my blog here!) I’m excited to have this opportunity. Currently, I live in Texas but I met Amanda while were both working as athletic trainers in Washington.

I am a huge fan of Amanda’s blog. Like Amanda, I fully believe that healthy(ish) eating is about balancing the nutrient dense days/meals with the less nutrient dense days/meals because we live in a world with delicious cookies and wine and where being social revolves around eating. Amanda posted a great post about her philosophy here.

My healthy eating story is standard. My husband and I grew up in the Southeast – BBQ buffets, family potlucks, sweet tea… wonderful but calorie dense, not so nutrient dense food. I was an athlete the majority of my life so I believed that I could out exercise a poor diet into adulthood. Two years into adulthood and my plan was failing. This past spring, my husband and I did the Whole 30 for a whole 6 days.

The greatest single lesson we learned was:

READ YOUR LABELS and know what those ingredients mean.

It has really changed our perspective, grocery shopping habits and cooking. Through the Whole 30, I found new recipes, tweak or eliminated old ones. Tweaking recipes has become my mantra now. Any recipe can be made simpler, changed to what you like or made healthier. Take the flavors from one recipe and make it yours. Food is flexible. Even if you are overwhelmed with healthy eating, maybe make just one change. Choose a new recipe that is what you want your healthy eating to be or eliminate one food group or just read your labels. Food is a part of you. Below is one of my favorite recipes that I have tweaked.

I love chicken salad. It is my favorite so instead of having it on bread (like in the past), I put it in an avocado. The idea of a chicken salad salad has always weirded me out. I don’t like avocado oil mayonnaise (Whole 30 approved) so I stick with Duke’s because I am from the South. I eliminate sweet relish because sugar. You can add fruit or nuts or whatever you want to the basic recipe or you can do just chicken and avocado. I am a strictly chicken and mayo person. I encourage you to add and to change this recipe to make it yours and to fit your kitchen. If you like chicken salad on a salad, go for it!

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Chicken Avocado Salad
Chicken Salad Avocado
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
Chicken Salad Avocado
  1. Bring enough water to cover the chicken breast to a boil and season with salt and pepper
  2. Boil on medium-high until thoroughly cooked; about 20 minutes
  3. Shred the chicken until desired chunk size
  4. Add mayo, salt and pepper and additional add ins
  5. Slice avocados in half, take out the pit and season with salt and pepper
  6. Scoop chicken salad into the halves
  7. ENJOY!
Recipe Notes

What is your favorite recipe that you've tweaked to be healthy(ish)?

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Chicken Salad Avocado by Emily Patrick”

  • Nice to read about you , Emily. Amanda will agree, I “Tweak” everything, even when I don’t mean to, but the saying in our house is, ‘”You never eat the same thing twice, because mom won’t remember how she made it this time.” Love the balance you and Amanda have re: food. (Linda, Amanda’s mom)

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