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Sweet Basil & Thyme’s Yearly Roundup

Sweet Basil & Thyme’s Yearly Roundup

Hey everyone! I hope ya’ll made it through Christmas full of joy and excitement for the new year.

I’m currently in Nashville, on a quick road trip from St. Louis, where I spent Christmas and will be spending New Years Eve. I’m so lucky to be able to travel as much as I do, this year alone I have been all over the US, to Europe a few times, and even a trip to Mexico! Travel will be most likely slowing down for the next year as we gear up (and save) for our wedding in October and honeymoon following, but I’m sure we will be getting out for at least a few long weekend trips before then. Be on the lookout for travel updates and a post in the next few months about my favorite airport & plane eats!

Some other posts to look forward to in January are:

  • My New Year’s Resolutions on Jan. 1st (with a new freebie included!)
  • How I Meal Plan on Jan. 8th 
  • My Favorite Trader Joe’s Recipes on Jan. 17th

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Do you have a request on something you’d like for me to write about? I’d love to hear it! Shoot me an email at or comment below. What was your favorite post this year? I’d love to hear that as well!

My favorite posts from this year include:

So far, this year (well, since September) with Sweet Basil & Thyme I have…

…reached 525 followers on Instagram (@sweetbasilthyme)
…been seen by over 20.4k monthly viewers on Pinterest
…started my Facebook page
…grew my email subscription list to 35 readers (thank you for subscribing!)
…made $10.71 with Amazon Affiliates (purchasing through my Amazon links helps support this blog!)
…been nominated for the Liebster Award
…realized that blogging is not easy at all (all those bloggers who say it’s easy are lying!)
…struggled a lot with the technically coding aspect of running a blog (thank goodness for Matt)
…constantly changed my mind on whether to have a few ads here and there to monetize the blog more or to leave it alone let you enjoy an ad free experience.
…decided that social media is not my jam at all, but I still enjoy sharing with all of you.
…loved mostly every minute of it, so cheers to another year!

Let me know your thoughts, comments, and feedback below. Happy New Year!

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