Every Sunday I scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, my favorite blogs, and other random sources for recipe inspiration for the following week. This last week I was just about done and ready to head to the store when I was flipping through Instagram and came across one of my favorite accounts @alison_wu. Alison makes the prettiest dishes ever, if you are into looking at healthy but to-beautiful-to-eat dishes, head over there and give her a follow!

Anyways, like I said, I was about done and ready to go with a list in hand when I came across this beautiful veggie-ful green pasta salad on her feed. Frickin’ perfection in an image. I thought about it all through my hellish grocery shopping experience (stay tuned for a post next week called ‘I hate grocery shopping’) and finally conceded to making my own version of it.


Her picture included some chickpea pasta, homemade pesto, and a veggie called a “fiddlehead”, which I had never heard of before and knew they didn’t have at Trader Joe’s. I already had half a box of regular pasta, some asparagus that was crazy cheap, and zero energy to make pesto. Thank goodness Trader Joe’s makes a great jarred pesto for a few bucks! I also picked up some green beans, kale, feta cheese, and microgreens because somehow buying microgreens makes me feel like a fancy food blogger and I need that occasionally.


Ok, to be honest here- the lemon squeeze added in was mostly (at first) for the title. The pesto could have been enough of a ‘dressing’, but I wanted to go all in and add some lemon- and it was worth it! Gives it a little extra kick of something that makes you want another bite every time.


My photos will never be as perfect as Alison’s, but I think mine are pretty damn great anyways. And this recipe was perfection in a bowl for multiple lunches this week!

UpdateI was just at the farmer’s market and I found fiddleheads! Will try them this week- stay tuned on Instagram!


Easy Greensy Lemon Squeezy Pasta Salad

Course Main Dish , Side, Snacks

Cuisine American

Pre Time 15 Minutes

Cook Time 30 Minutes

Serving 04 Sides



  1. Cook pasta noodles until desired texture. I prefer mine on the al dente side, that way the pesto doesn’t make the salad soggy!
  2. If you haven’t cooked your veggies yet, saute & steam them now.
  3. Then mix! First the noodles and the pesto, then add the veggies. Mix in the feta cheese last. Enjoy!